Our Mission


Our Mission Statement

We are a church called by God to:

  • Be a multiracial, multi-cultural community.
  • Edify, equip and develop the Body of Christ.
  • Be a prophetic voice to the world and the Body of Jesus Christ.
  • Plant and establish churches that are united in covenant relationships modelling God’s alternative society.

Our Values

There are certain biblical values which are essential for every member of the church, notably:

  • A personal relationship with the Lord.
  • Personal holiness of life.
  • Recognising that we all need each other and our contribution is vital to the health of the whole church.
  • Do nothing to divide church but everything to promote unity, affinity of spirit, diversity of gifts, unity of vision and harmony in relationships.
  • Loving one another, caring for one another, praying for one another, looking out for each other’s welfare, promoting one another, forgiving one another, healing one another.

Working together as an army of God’s people, we aim to fulfill our mission to reach the nations of the world and present a viable, authentic alternative to the world.