Bishop Lovel Bent & Anne Bent

Lovel Bent is the Apostle and Founder of New Life Assembly Church. Lovel was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. In the early sixties he emigrated to England where he experienced the challenges of adapting to a new culture and lifestyle, as well as coming face to face with the ugly realities of racism. Despite the challenges that he overcame, Lovel began to build his life. During these difficult times he was converted to Christianity which completely changed the direction of his life.

The New Life Assembly ministry has now grown to 8 branches, including an overseas branch. Lovel currently gives leadership to the UK Connections Network, which comprises of 35 churches in the UK and others in Mainland Europe.

He has travelled extensively throughout America, Africa, South America, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe, preaching the gospel and seeing many people converted, healed of sickness and receiving miracles from God.

He is a man of faith, prayer and fasting and has an anointing on his life to fulfill his mission. Lovel is a people’s person, he has a big heart for people and will go to extremes to give assistance. He is also a father figure, spiritual mentor and adviser to a number of people, inclusive of leaders and pastors. He is married to Anne and has two children, Faith and Wayne, as well as two grandchildren and one great-grandchild.